E-Conference & Hybrid

Talking Slides offers a platform to host live and prerecorded content which includes presentations and/or live cases.

Host Live & Pre-recorded Content

Talking Slides offers a platform to host live and pre-recorded content which includes presentations and/or live cases. With live cases hosted on our bespoke Talking Slides platform, Chairs and Panelists can talk directly to the operators from the comfort of their own home - just as they would at a physical event. There can be an exhibition hall, parallel rooms, poster sessions and more all available live and post-event on-demand.

It’s often described as catchup TV for your conference.

How it works

There is plenty of interaction for delegates, a chat room, interactive voting and much more.

We build your own custom branded hub, upload all the content and can even record the presentations in advance. We do it all for you, guiding you through the process.

It's really hard to explain all that our Talking Slides site can do. Please don't hesitate to contact us and arrange a demo from one of our team who will talk you through all the features of this incredible, yet cost-effective platform with you.


  • Flexible
  • High quality streaming
  • Cost effective
  • Engaging
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Environmentally friendly

The Hybrid Conference

It may be that a full E-Conference isn’t quite right for you. With social distancing guidelines you may want the chairman and top table panel in a physical venue, or even with a small audience while the rest of the attendees are online. With a Talking Slides hybrid conference this is something that can easily be achieved.

Our Talking Slides platform can seamlessly merge virtual and physical content to create a broadcast that has the advantages of both disciplines. Please call us to discuss the many options available.

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